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Indeed, the term “participant- observation” is often used to characterize this basic research approach.But, second, the ethnographer writes down in regular, systematic ways what she observes and learns while participating in the daily rounds of life of others.The notebook seems like the most practical solution. Do I use a really small one that fits in my pocket? If it’s too big then it looks like a “notebook.” And what should this notebook look like? But the notebook with bears and hearts that I use around teens doesn’t work for my meetings with government officials.Does a black moleskin look too nice for my fieldsite? And in the end no matter what kind of notebook I use, I still have to type all my notes to Evernote.The accumulation of many live fieldnotes works towards producing a “thick description” along with other long form fieldnotes.Live fieldnotes are not intended to replace the entire fieldnote writing process, rather it is just one of many ways notes can be jotted down for reflection at a later point in time.So when I arrived in China on March of 2011, the first thing I did when I got my SIM card in China was test out Instagram. I immediately knew that I had a social media life line out of China because the best thing about Instagram is that it pushes data to tumblr, flickr, Facebook, foursquare, and twitter, all sites that are blocked completely or occasionally in China.Live fieldnoting takes after the practice of liveblogging.

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The ethnographer participates in the daily routines of this setting, develops ongoing relations with the people in it, and observes all the while what is going on.A live fieldnotes can consist of a location, timestamp, description of the interaction, explanation of the meaning of the interaction to the participants, and your interpretation of the interaction, and analysis of how it is related to your research.Other terms that can be used: social fieldnoting, participatory fieldnoting Prior forms: Jan Chipchase was the first ethnographer to post pictures of his fieldwork to his blog with text. He was an inspiration to a whole generation of designers and cool hunters.If I’m in situation where I can’t take out a notebook because it would distract from the situation or it would be too cumbersome, then I would have to memorize everything. I made my research transparent and accessible with daily fieldnotes.I still haven’t found the perfect fieldnote system, but I wanted to experiment with a new process that I call, “live fieldnoting.” Just last week I met up with a friend’s mom. Anyone who wanted to follow along in my adventure could see what i was observing.” Before I moved to China to do one year and a half of fieldwork.) or friends, I saw its potential as a research app for fieldwork.But I was worried about Instagram being blocked in China as many other social apps are inaccessible.His posts tend to be a mix of raw observations and compelling questions.You see early examples of this work on his blog in 2002 but it wasn’t until 2005 that he really started getting to it.So using a laptop is inevitable as all notes eventually end up there and are cleaned up there.But the problem with a digital pen, notebook, and laptop is that they are all extra things that have to be carried with you or they add extra steps to the process.Thus the researcher creates an accumulating written record of these observations and experiences.These two interconnected activities comprise the core of ethnographic research: Firsthand participation in some initially unfamiliar social world and the production of written accounts of that world by drawing upon such participation.” Live fieldnoting fulfills these two activities: participating in the fieldsite and writing observations.But with mobiles, laptops, i Pads, and digital pens, not all ethnographers write their fieldnotes. I have experimented with the Livescribe Pen, regular old notebook, and a laptop.The Livescribe digital pen didn’t work for me because it’s really uncomfortable to use after a half hour of writing and its dependency on digital paper makes it inflexible for fieldwork outside of the US and longterm extended fieldwork (my review of the pen on Cultural Byt.es).

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Or check out this oldie, but goodie “3 Steps to Setting up Successful Email Marketing using Salesforce.” And if you have comments or questions, be sure to login and add them to the Chatter feed on the article.

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