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He who speaks in the language of the gods is under- standed only of the gods. A man only understands that part of a fellow-man which is also a part of himself ; he only imderstands the thought of another in so far as it is already potentially his own thought, and implicit in him. Pulcherrima est Planta quae mediocris est altitudinis, Florem profert rubricundum qui non absimilis, est a pini porno fert etiam nigrum semen sicut nigrum Cuminum quod valde calidum est, jacet in quibusdam globulis inter Folia Florum inclusum. 94 THE CEYLON ANTIQUARY [Vol III, Part IT Calamus Aromaticus. Firmior atque perennior Radix est quam ea quae aliunde nobis transmitti solet ; usus ipsius sat est notus.” Acorus calamus L, the Sinhalese Wada«kaha. S Calamus aromaticus, with the native name Vazumbo. ‘ Calamintha ” “ Copiossime crescit apud nos " In the absence of any native name, it is impossible to guess what this plant was, Hermann did not refer to any plant as Calamintha.” There is a Ceylon Calamintha, C. So in this order the caravan started, the tavalam cattle following the guide buffalo which was allowed to wander ahead and select its own route, and the salt seekers behind confident in its capacity to select the right one. Thus they wandered up hill and down dale until dusk, when a halt was made not far from a gammana or group of houses. These strange doctrines of the Mahayana exhibit merely a particular case of that sad and inevitable law of all religions, namely, that before they can become world-religions, they must be degraded to the level of the midtitude. A divine man, a Jesus, a Buddha, a Mahomet, appears in the world, and utters his thought. In their hands the great thought becomes mediocre, for no man, after all, can really comprehend that which is greater than himself, any more than the part can comprehend the whole. Hermann’s note^*^ was, ‘‘Radix recenter ef fossa Camphorae spirat odorem, postmodum Zedoariae. ad quam solam in morbis desperatis confugiunt.” Zingiber Sylvestre ” quod ab Incolis “Kaluwala'’ dicitur. Radix est Aromatica, maxime cum Caryophillata nostra conveniens quoad saporem Sc odorem.’’ Hermann^ ^ cited Radix amoris as a Portuguese name for Iramusu, Hemidesmus indicus Br. Everything was ready for the start, and the only difficulty was the route about which, owing to the long periods which elapsed between these journeys, none of them felt very certain. They would get a buffalo which had come on the last tavalam ^ — from Hambantota or Puttalam, whichever it was — to their country and was still in the village and let it go ahead of their caravan and lead the way. Again, can it really be contended that the emphasis laid by the Mahayana on the idea of the Bodhisatvas is an advance ? Fructus nobis per Coctionem certum Rob offerunt, cui eadem virtus inest. Oleum 8c Aquam per Distillationem exhibet in quibus eadem vis continetur, praeterquam quam quod adhuc virtutem Specialem obtinent in Gonorrsea atque Renum affectibus.'’ No recipes are given. Ex radice distillatur oleum aromaticum."' Billinghbingh. Pulcherrina est Arbor ; Fructus habet virides angulatos 8c oblongos qui succum acidum continent. Haec est prima species quam Garcias ab Orta inter Ligna Serpentum describit. Salsapariila- Duo sunt ipsius Genera quae usui adhibentur, tantumque eorundem habemus quantum nobis est necessum. Just before the approach of the Kono (their Christmas) a hunt in the neighbouring forest afforded them venison and other game.

Jitendra Singh and discussed with him some of their long pending grievances, particularly relating to seniority issues. Who can deny, it is asked, that every religion may legitimately evolve beyond the conceptions of its foimder ? At the date of Grimm's visit all Cinnamon was '^sylvestris,'" i.e., wild. & praepr/" we may deduce that Grimm had heard the Jackal and appreciated its lurfg power. Optimum est Alexipharmaciim adversus omnes venenosos atque Malignos Affectus, adversus Morsuras venenosarum Bestiarum aut Seipentium, adversus Febres communes, Sanguinis impuritatem, Scabiem Sc similes alias aegritudines.^^ Grim m concludes this section by describing the method of preparation of Essentia Ligni Coluhrini. — MORE CUSTOMS AND CEREMONIES IN THE JAFFNA DISTRICT. He suggests that we have here a case, not of deterioration, but of development. His specimen, however, was a mixture of Litsea zeylanica and the true Cinnamon, Cinnamomum zeylanienm. The tree is the well-know B Bell or Bael fruit, Aegle Marmelos Corr. Giimm gives nine recipes for the mamifacture of exquisite marmalades for the Nobility and Gentry. His Marmelada Cordialis contains, inter alia^ Butter of Pearls, Ambergris, and Musk ; it invigorated the vital spirit and the heart, and preserved the latter from many accidents. & Cam, Vulpis Indict, inomtia/' and Jackhal Sf exsiccat. Lignum mediocriter durum est parum per anthracinum cum venis albis trans- currentibus. Now the reconciliation of two opposite principles does not occur when one simply gives in to the other. Educitur etiam cum aqua Balsamicum quoddam Oleum, quod intus desumptum, pro Morbis stomachi, prseclara praestat officia. Propter ipsius odorem, Incolae non ipsam cusant sed utuntur ejus ligno cum ligno Santali contuso Sc illud cum aqua sorbetur ad Febres, morbos calidos Sc puerorum Morbum a Belgis Sprouw dictum.” I have not met with Grimm’s name, Merda Papaveris, elsewhere. Oct., 1917] GRIMM’S LABORATORIUM CEYLONICUM 89 ex isto quidquid ex alio potest fieri. On the one side we have the Buddhist monastic ideal, calling on men to come out of the world, to turn their backs upon it, and to take no part in the dealings of the market-place. These are the contraries which have to be reconciled. Prsebent etiam per Distillationem, odoriferam et Balsamicam Aquam quse ad Supra- dictos morbos est aptissima, prout ad Infusion es Rhabarbari et similium. Grimm further confuses matters by describing as Lignum colubrinum, what is evidently the wood of an ebony, probably calamander. “ Haec arbor ita vocatur, quoniam fortiter olet, plus tamen juxta stercus vaccinum quam humanum. Of course, that may be a very sensible thing to do. He explains ^ ^ the Sinhalese name as follows, “ Diwul not at adstrictionem gutturis, quae adstrictio causatur ssepe ab fructibus immaturis ; hujus arboris enim fructus adstringunt, unde inde Dysenteria valde commendantur.'" Linnaeus - - confused this species with some small-fruited Limonia, and added the following observation : “ Diaewul sive Gi^wul Suecis Diabolum significat, 8c hujus fructus est, qui, a Nautis nostra tibus esus, eos brevi jugulat lethali diarrhoea/’ I have not been able to find the source of Linnaeus’ information. Ego quidem ausim munus hoc suscipere, me scilicet peracturum 23. '' Recens expressum Oleum aeque bonos effectus operatur, atque Oleum Amygdalarum. Ill, Part IT gave a figure, with the second and third of his synonyms. He is merely an inconsistent Buddhist, one who finds the monastic 38 THE CEYLON ANTIQUARY [Vol. ideal too hard and has therefore compromised with the world. Hermann records it under the name Diwul and gives Bolangos as the Portuguese name. and u Rplied it in error to a Stercu Jia, the Sinhalesse Nava ; whence Linnaeus named the latter Steiculia Balanghas ; see Thesauius Zey L, pp. ” Ebben-Hout, Lignum Ebenum- “ Tantum abest ut hgnum istud nobis deficiat in Cey Ionia ut ipsius Rami decidentes nobis sufficiant, Qms autem negare potest lignum istud eandem virtutem habere quam Lignum Gua/a- cum vel nottm Lignum morbi Venerei possidet, hoc enim plus quam satis expertum est a pluribus doctis atque judiciosis hominibus. Optimum etiam est in Gonorraea, Urinae ardoribus quos cito pacificat. And if one denies the validity of the monastic ideal, one must logically deny the principles from which it springs. He still professes belief in the old theory of attachment but quietly ignores it in actual life, simply because the effort involved is too great. Cingalenses 8c Portugalenses eos in cibis suis immiscent, eosque etiam crudos comedunt, sicut 8c mihi contigit, nu Uo exinde percepto incom- modo. Hermann -® recorded the Dutch name, Wilde Amandel Sj for it. Varia prsestissima nobis praebet Medicament a pro Stomachi Sc Viscerum debilitatibus velnti Szzeens Acacice Inspissatiis, Conserve Florum Acaciae, adeo ut eadem ad nos transfer i non oportet ut solliciti simus.” There is nothing to indicate what species Grimm employed. ■ E succo viridis Tamarindis pulcher acidus Syrupus conficitur ad magnos ardores atque Sitim in morbis calidis/' Arbor Cassia Ex Floribus ipsius Conservam extrahimus quas ab obstructionibus Renum Sc Uretherum liberat Sc in ipsa Genorr^a optimum producit effectum.” The Arbor Cassia of the older pharmacists was the tree which yielded Cassia Lignea. Cassia fistula had been introduced into Europe before Grimm’s time, and Burmann^ ^ attached Grimm’s reference to that species. There is a complicated botanical tangle on this point. We may assume, from Hermann’s omission, that his Malus Granata Zeylanica'' was not the Pomegranate- What it was is a matter of conjecture. There was no specimen in Hermann’s Ceylon Herbarium, but he gave its Portuguese name, Foula Mogori, to a specimen w'^hich is Jasminiim Samhae L. p, 31 Oct., 1917] GRIMM'S LABORATORIUM CEYLONICUM 95 Probably refers to Habarala. Burmann^ ^ referred Grimm’s Arum to Kovila, Lasia spinosa Lour. This ideal follows inevit- ably and logically from the metaphysical principles, that attachment is the cause of rebirth, and that rebirth is an evil to be avoided. And so he falls into an inconsistency between belief and life. Arbores istae non longe ab Aulica nostra civitate Coliimbo crescunt . Fructum profert qui non multam distat a Morelia quoad magnitudinem atque continet in se quatuor tenuia semina in quodam dulci succo, qui cum luteis Venuiis intermixtus est. Dislocationes 8c plures alias infirmitates.” This refers to Kekuna, Canarium zeylanicum B]. Oct., 1917 ] GRIMM’S LABORATORIUM CEYLOXICUM 91 Acacia Vera, & multa ipsius genera. ' Grimm notes the tise of the pulp of the fruits, and says that a Conserve can be made from the flowers and an Aqua from leaves. and it seems very doubtful whether it was then grown in or around Colombo. 1687, he did not include the name among his synonyms of Malus Punica, the Pomegranate. : Sepala, Sinh, Linnaeus recorded this plant for Ceylon on the evidence of Grimm’s statement. But it is not consistent with Buddhism, because obviously we can only get free of “ attachment ” to the world by turning our backs upon it. Ex foliis per Distillationem Aqua 8c Oleum extrahuntur quae iisdem usibus inserviunt de quibus dictum est supra quoad Bolangiam. Eandem Aquam ut 8c alias ex istis ambabus Arboribus compositas, ad Emulsiones in Dysenteria, mei moris est adhibere. He does not appear to have any idea how it was obtained, and the rest of his statements convey the impression that he was writing at random, not having made any inquiry into the products of the coconut. Ill, Part IL '' Kakuna Ghaha ; Arbor quae nobis Gummi Elemni exhibet “ Tantum Gummi nobis praebet haec Arbor quantum necessitas nostra postulat. • Arbor Granata- ’ ‘‘ Offert nobis Syrupiim Granatorum, Conservas Florum Granatorum. Linnaeus did not take up Hermann’s name, probably because he did not see a specimen. What Hermann’s plant was must, in the absence of a specimen, be uncertain, but it would appear probable that it was Randia dumetorum Lam., the Sinhalese Kukuruman. It may even be the only sensible thing to do, if we admit that the monastic ideal is both impossible and wrong. Is the similarity of names any more than a coincidence ? Haec Arbor similiter est altissima, fructus oblongos producit cum duro putamine ; Qlusius vocat eos Cydonia Bengalica^ Easdem aeque ac Cydonia vires possident 8c ex eorum pulpis res omnes confici possunt ad quas Cydonia sunt in usu. quae valde odorifera est, atque cor & Spiritus vivificat. Grimm’s Acetum distillatum is coconut vinegar ; modem taste does not prefer it to the European product. But unfortunately, his figure shows leaves and spines only, and it was drawn, not from a Ceylon specimen, but from a living plant at Hampton Court : it looks hke a piece of Carissa spinarum L., the Sinhalese Hin-karamba. Burmann, in Thesaurus Zey I aniens, accepted all the names quoted above as indicating the Pomegranate. Burmann, however, in Flora Indica, 1763, made the Ceylon plant a variety of the Pomegranate and said it differed from specimens from Coromandel in its broader leaves and its spines, but whether he had seen a specimen or was judging from Plukenet's figure cannot be decided. Can that which is a direct contradiction of primitive Buddhism properly be called a development of it ? Flores qui rubicundi aut Violacei fulvi sunt, nobis contra morbos supradictos, imo adversus plurimos alios affectus pulcherrimam Conservam suppeditant.’' Bilin, Averrhoa Bilimbi L. Grimm’s description of the fruit and his spelling of the name are taken from Bontius. Fructus ejus paulo majores sunt quam illi quos Biliingh- bingh nobis profert, oblongam habent formam 8c in acies angulosam, ut plurimum quinque angulorum, habent etiam in se Liquorem subacidum non tamen adeo jucundum ut ipsa Ballingh- bingh (sic) . He gave the derivation of the Sinhalese name as Ka = something edible, and Marangha — to destroy : Creditur enim lignum secum gestatum aut in cubiculo servatum valere ad omnis generis veneficia. Hinc ex hac materia conficiunt vaginas, in quibus gladios 8c cultros, quos secum semper portant, custodiunt/' ' Morunga. f., is the first species of snake wood described by Garcia. of whi.h Hermann * ^ recorded that the Sinhalese used the pounded root in cases of snake bite Cardaraomum Sylvcstrc*’ quod ab Incolis Aiaghahu dicitur. True Sarsaparilla is an American species of Smilax, and Burmann^^ supposes that Grimm referred to two species of Smilax. The kade or boutique was unknown, for this was at a time before the advent of the now ubiquitous Tamby. “ Be ye lamps unto yourselves,” said Gotama, who preached that only through a man’s own effort can he be saved, no prayers to the gods availing him aught. Ex eodem succo potest adhuc in Balneo Mariae Aqua valde refiigerans distillari. Hermann recorded Kamaranga as the Sinhalese and Caramboios as the Portuguese name. Conterunt earn supra parvo lapide Sc exhibent earn usque ad Semidrach, Sc amplius.” Ekaweriya, Raiivoljui serpentina Hk. But it is more probable that he had in mind the root of Iramusu (see below), and China root, both of which were used for the same diseases as Sarsaparilla originally was. Between these journeys the salt was stored in vessels made of the outer case of the fmit of the water-melon (lahu-gedi) which had been properly dried after the removal of the pith, and in this condition resembled huge bottles.However, according to them, from April 2012, the rule was changed and this period of three years was changed to four years and made applicable retrospectively, as a result of which even though approximately 200 police officers across the country had been inducted into IPS before the rule was passed, yet they were to lose the period of seniority compared to their counterparts which adversely affects their promotional prospects. If you would teach his thought in the pig-sty, you must teach it in terms of pig-philosophy. And so the religion of every great teacher is degraded by his followers to their own level. Flos iste continet in se magnam quantitatem Liquoris qui Rorem fortissime attrahit, eum ego mane expressi Kaluwala, Alpinia Galanga L. ' Esula cujus praeter legitimam multae aliae sunt species," Grimm gives no details of any species, Esula Indica Avas Euphorbia autiquormn. ‘‘ Haec Faba exsiccatur & ex eadem pulvis conficitur qui cum Lactc Cocos, aut Jusculo assumptus, lenissime purgat Sc dolorem mitigat in Colica, Stomachum etiam Sc Viscera juvat/’ Katarodu, Clitoria ternaiea L. umhrosa Benth., but it is an upcountry species which would not be met with by Grimm. The cattle were relieved of their loads and tethered, and the men busied themselves in making fires and drawing water for the evening meal.

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