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Sulpicius, Orosius, etc., stupidly mistaking Dimitianou for Domitianikos, supposed Irenaeus to refer to Domitian, A. 95, and most succeeding writers have fallen into the same blunder.The internal testimony is wholly in favor of the early date." Because of the ambiguity of Irenaeus' statement and the identity of the emperor he referred to, there is such a divergence of scholarly opinion regarding the credibility of the Irenaeus quotation as to render it almost worthless as external evidence of the later date. Moreover there is no internal evidence in the book itself upon which to corroborate this date, but much against.He takes the position that Revelation was written around A. 95 while I and many others believe with good exegetical and historical reasons that it was written prior to the destruction of Jerusalem in A.

Exposition of Daniel 11 Exposition of Daniel 12 Exposition II Thess. Similarly, by the assertion of marginal notes in their Bibles, the date of 96 A. is assumed to be dependable despite the fact that there is little or no reliable evidence to support it. D.; 2) a statement by Irenaeus, a second century "church father," and 3) the supposition that apostasy in the Asian churches prior to 96 A. The whole tradition is similar to the oral tradition among the Catholic church that Peter was once bishop of the church at Rome: Not one verse of scripture or reliable piece of historical evidence can be cited to support it. ) something he could not do in the state of decrepitude that we would expect of one of such advanced years.

This is the only evidence of any value, and it is so slight as to be nearly worthless.

Irenaeus was a church father of the second century, many of whose letters have come down to us.

Thus if the reference is to anything, it would seem to be to John.

However, even if Irenaeus' statement is granted to mean what advocates of the 96 A. say, this is the only independent, external evidence favoring that date. Robert Young, author of Young's Analytical Concordance, wrote a commentary on Revelation published prior to 1885 wherein he makes the following statement: "It was written in Patmos about A. 68, whither John had been banished by Domitius Nero, as stated in the title of the Syriac version of the book; and with this concurs the express statement of Irenaeus in A. 175, who says it happened in the reign of Domitianou - i.e., Domitius (Nero).

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After leaving the DEA, Arpaio became involved in a travel venture through his wife's travel agency Starworld Travel Agency, based in Scottsdale.

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