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place Ilrat Ung aiuttcr, Ilnrry Tayler's assignment as in position the Iren vlnduct thnt Is being we will take plcasure In presenting him nt the II. Peguo Dis Miss Lizzie Flannerynf Cinelnnatl has rewith a year's subscription te Tim LEea Eit. night by eating what was supposed te be u sed nid securing Mr. Gllead was j estenlay in the Convention Clicnewclh's Creim Lotien will hel horseradish. who lias been en a visit in Indiana, Is spend- prctly sick after the hard weather, nnd that Kentucky had just eight representatives there, nnd four of these were sent ing a few dfijs with her sister, Miss Sephia great nnxlety Is felt ns te Its future. Williams, In this clty Cen nt ii Slaylutrate by the Leuisvillo Beard of Trade, which Ileic a The Women's Prayer Servicc will be a Otuirrcl Hetne Couple, probably knows as much about business Mrs. These are "held for He had a man go te Kcelman and postage" Ilcrcaft&r tbey must contain a 3 The gross earnings of the L. Browning has received Lis new stock of ,265 evor 1804, but a less of ,105 Kcelman came tearing te the 'Squire's of Kid Gloves for spring. Tans, Reds, Hi owns, Creams, Pearl Tire Ju Xeunu Latitat In People who suitor from less of appetite, In"You're toe late," said the 'Squire, Grays and Blacks. Themas of Loxingten will they nre uncqunled, caus Mr. They soil Chamber The husband eagerly seized his wife's They wero aged 18 aud 20 year? When in need of such ft medicine hnndsome girls thus buried from eno which the 'Squire made them believe was will pay customers te tnke glve this romedy a trial and you will be mero than ploased with the result. sons send their notices through the Posteflloo tnke advantage of gun thnt however, was n white-hnndlewith only 1 cent stamp. tell him thnt he was sending Kcelman's for the third week in February were cent stamp. 0,345, an incrcaie of ,205 ever 1805, A SAD SIGHT. x The new illuminant is'dcllvercd te hand, and the two, laughing and crying in cylinders or by the bucketful! cures of bad colds, croup and whooping It was a sad sight te see two grown, alternately, submitted te n ceremony, Don't knew the coat, but probably the cough.

young lady, nnd who happened te be pnssing, heard the appealing notes, and Smne 1'ravtteal Ailvtee te the Greir-er- tt slipping into the parlor, shouted "you bet of the ll'eeil. The following is the reply of nn ex pcrienccd tobacco grower in reply te a HITS THEM HARD. Fiist select n loose ters when he comes te dealing with the ieara near a stream or invine if possible. Take your turning plow in the fall or He throws the responsibility for the early w inter net toe lute yet and plow perpetuation of snloeus ami the tinfllc in our bed the usual depth as for corn. Substitute for the Resolutions en the Cuban Revolution. a liernfe-- W ' x HMIC l EKty m 11 ii Jic-unlte- o d ll II,- hlt cus-iome- The books of the Limestone Building Association are new open for subscrip- Senater Clarke of Leutavlllc Will tion te the Fourteenth Series. After It has cooled enough, again use the rake by first removing nny rubbish KNEW THE JAMES BOYS. and was regarded by all as an excellent After you sew, be up the bed ftnd canvass, nud if you don't have plenty of woman, of Mr. three inches deep After it dries nicely Such religion is Just te the devil's hand, burn, nnd don't be afraid of burning toe nnd it could net suit him better were it hard, ns the surface should be of n brick made te order color. the surface seeds thnt have net been de The late Mrs W. Under no circumstances "dig it lived at Washington a few years age up" nfter burning, but nlways before. You have found an item located in the Kentuckiana Digital Library. Stevens and fumily have removed from Qulncy, Lewis county, nnd again taken up their residence in this city, locating in the Sixth Wnrd. afford te glve advertialug "notices" Miss Anna Hansen is employed in the highly spoken of. Terre Haute, Ind., formerly Miss Margaumns are its stock in trade. Except n monstrous plume; have becemo se burdensome that we . We de work cheap, are forced e publish the following Whlle three red roses high awnve, ter ma: Representative Pellltt of Lewis county but net cheap work. te for obituary notice, resolution of rete Lane, Kansas. be: X3T It yu have friend visiting ou, or If Unless ll'ii ,' diewn no ohanue If you nced n Spring Cape don't forget ou are going away en a v Nlt, a note t that effcet. Arthuref Mlllersburg Is thegncsl jer'jid or thirty-simorrow Hvenlng. with any ethor dally newspaper In all Shepard was "misinformed" ns te this ns Northcastern Kentuclcy well ns te some ether matters. Daily public ledger (Maysville, Ky.) Daily public ledger (Maysville, Ky.) Daily public ledger (Maysville, Ky.) 300dpi TIFF G4 page images Thomas A. frce any tnore than a merchant can At lnet the lights turned, sudden, low, toss overhls counter f reo glftu of dry Augusta Postef Qce as Assistant Post The curtain upward went. aud ad With oyes and ears cars Intent Miss Julia Straustmugh and William ret Nelsen of this county, will be glad te vertisements should be paid for, no Upen the spar Mlng, lovely scoue what part 01 mopapermoy With elfs and fays the bioeks between, raatterln Ilellis arc among these recently married learn that she hns been permanently appear. Frem Paris nklll abloom has t bill in the Legislature that is leaded JFer Kutlceti of Supyem, Before another's strxlnlng ejea. spect, Ac., Tub I.edekii will charge And hard by this another sat, physicians, nnd its nuther claims that five cknts a i.t NC, ami hereof ttr Urfs Meek soul but new Miss Ethel Lloyd, who has been suffer- thore nre n great many communities that will be the invariable rule. matter for publication in list lie Imnded In lieferu U o'clock in tli morn Elder of Leingten Dible College ing of each lny. we'll net t int Browning has received his new line, for a VTtht ubnc tentiietc are madeo'clock and it comprises semo of the best things he is.uiidltm at h Mrs. mnd nt his wife, left her nnd six children visiting her ststers for some tlme, will Visitor Thuratlau Xlght. and went te the house of his brethor, Services nre held every ovenlng at 7 Thieves nre getting thicker'n flics in vowing he would never return. Our pcople nre growing mero nndmore "auspices of the Junier Endeavor Society. One had died of menslcs and the ethor "Yeu nre parted new nnd would hnve I. Kcelman in despair went te nnd Hansen Kennedy are attending Circuit Mayavllle this woek. Court at Thursday night the back shutter of 'Squlre Brewer for odvlce. The result is we have one of the most beautiful displays of jewelry, watches, diamonds, silverware, &c, that can be found anyplace. The advertising columns of The hm-OBspeak for themselves. Helt Richeson is walking with a that knew also wiibhk te advertise. When this tube geta Inllimed jeu have a rumbling sound or Imthe county. Men, dames and damselsgay; All with their bright, expectant leeks, Care frce as It In story books, Ralph Bingham, the humerl Bt, lectures at Uermuntewn tonight. Willinm R, Gill is confined te his house en ncceunt of severe indisposition, but was somewhat Improved nt last ac- what we strive after; we select our stock with as much regard te taste as te prices. pying the attention of their congrega Tnyl Or Brethers at Washington sell the best Tobacco Cotten at 2 cents per ard. Deafness thatcaused by Is Memphis, nnd Captain Carr White of the an lulliimcd condition of the mucous lining' of Union Aimy were well known men of tlie r.u Btachntn Tube. f3FVcrv spirited, adopted the following ruse te wbethcr scaled or net, Is S cents. They nre invited te All that could be missed next morning, bring him back te his family: our frce book offer. case of Deafness (oaused by catarrh,) that cannot be cured by nail's Catarrh Cure James. White wns n man of the strictest Send for olreulart, frce. Postage en drop letters, brekon and an ontrauce effected. We will glve One Hundred Dollars for any nor kinder woman In Missouri than Mrs. Henry Smith, Jr., of xclatlvcs In this city, lias returned home. Ilecl IMi leaves next Thursday the Lawreifc Ilorten of Bourbon county new out of danger. hood a few days visit boero leaving for her 'Squire A. Brewer of the Slate of About all the evidence that some poe-pl GOT A GUN. Christian Church at Washington, arc sent a cash value Ne publisher can Impatient for the play. Its col- Eieh volce was hushed and garments stir; master. The Call moved by the roots and the lady has sufupon Tub (j EDOEH for frce notices Tlut eno, aghast, could nothing see Bend your next order for Printing te fered no ill effects. It proposes te de away excursion, fairs, or ether public enter' With saucy tilt nnd savage size, pilot a partj' of about thirty Masen ceun-tynn- s with some of the rigid rules in regard tatnmentf where a fee U emned, ami Did loom, and loom, and loom. Sprlngdnle nt public mictien, after due If JJIui Viif Nf xn I'OMi Kit'twlll notice of the sale. Glenn Chunn nnd Miss Stidle her parents In Alicrdieu. There were nheut 9Iniu 100 men nnd boys perched upon it watch Colonels Themns A. William Warren nnd family have conducting ptetractcd services in the The columns of a nowspaper repremoved from near Aberdeen te Mayslick. I'gbcrt Slevens of Frankfort Is Mtlug the comparison of Tut: riage of Mr. Circulation, or make a run of about ten weeks, employ sion is a geed roost.

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You make me old with wisdom." Their souls are the same age, she tells Roger Sterling moments before he proposes marriage. A day before the aeronautics convention, Don Draper stands poolside in Southern California wearing sport coat and hat; the airline lost his luggage.