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t=653246 It seemed to be the best of a bad bunch of binary newsreaders, but at least it fetched headers and had a clean interface. I tried Ubuntu about ten days ago and fell in love with it. Cheers Hey Gui Guy I managed to get Klibido working with Stunnel with this thread: My head starts to spin when I'm confronted with lines and lines of settings to sort out, Inevitable it never works for fools like me the firts time so then I need to spend hours trying to sort it.It's not Newsleecher, but it's the best I've tried so far. I want to move away from the Dark Side and use Ubuntu only, yet the ONE thing that is stopping me making the switch is a decent binary newsreader that downloads not just NZB files, but actually fetches headers, too. Easier to install a windows app in Virtualbox ;) BTW, I am having with PAN may be something else. PAN; Almost immediately it starts thrashing the hard disk ( I haven't a clue what it's doing, but suspect it's indexing headers (? I've learnt to leave a shell open so I can kill PAN when it goes stupid. Last weekend I had to transfer a lot of files between e SATA and SATA devices on my ubuntu box. thanks for the links : PI'm proud to say I went Cold Turkey over to Ubuntu in 2006 when Vista was imminent. For me it's been so unresponsive that scrolling through a long list of headers is impossible PAN; ahhh, the wanna be. Thanks I looked at it a while back but couldn't get my head around setting up stunnel so left it alone. Downloading a group of files is just too frustrating. Give it the task of updating a couple of newsgroups with more than a dozen new posts and you may as well go out and have a dinner at the local pub as it takes over the PC and totally consumes all of the CPU. Yet we argue that Linux is far more "netcentric" than Windows. Couple that with the usual lack of documentation to help troubleshoot and it all becomes rather disappointing... Only feature it doesnt have, which i use, is ssl support. I looked at it a while back but couldn't get my head around setting up stunnel so left it alone.

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However, if you take the time to delete old messages, ie RIGHT BUTTON CLICK ON NEWSGROUP DELETE SELECTED GROUPS' ARTICLES Performance returns to something resembling normality. My other criticism of Pan is that it doesn't do SSL. I responded to this old post to make a point, it's nothing new linux usenet usage has gone to the sharts. And here's where the problem starts, from my perspective and assessment at least: Thunderbird's newsreader is totally inadequate. IMO & experience if that's the best we can do, Linux is in trouble ;) It seems to me that Pan has trouble indexing very large groups of headers or its storage mechanism becomes corrupted./bin/sh # Command to start stunnelfor my Giganews accout echo "Starting Stunnel for Giganews SSL:" sudo stunnel -c -d nntp -r news-europe.giganews.com:443 echo "Complete." Obviously replace "news-europe-giganews.com:443" with the address of the server and port you connect to. Yet we argue that Linux is far more "netcentric" than Windows.I was going to post this in a software related group. A bit like the Big Mac really- promises so much but delivers so little. Responsive,fast, well structured etc, Then, after a few weeks, as more and more headers are gathered up, bang, there's the brick wall. Almost immediately it starts thrashing the hard disk ( I haven't a clue what it's doing, but suspect it's indexing headers (? I've learnt to leave a shell open so I can kill PAN when it goes stupid. Thanks Stunnel is pretty easy to use, just install from the repos.But it finished up a rant so I thought it better to annoy the girls and boys in the Cafe with it :) This issue is really bugging me, so bear with me; Why haven't we got a decent newsreader that provides a decent interface for binaries AND performs as it should in what we like to call the true multitasking OS? )) and making the PC so un-responsive that it is unusable. There's gotta be a newsreader out there that works!? I use a short (basically one command) script to start it; #!An equivalent functionality native-to*nix newsreader (supporting built-in header compression, multiple servers and all the other Newsbin bells and whistles) would be brilliant. Not sure if that helps, but everything is stored in /home/.pan2 There you have 2 folders a) article-cache and b) groups I did a standart installation with the Softwaremanager and it worked right away. Amazing find and thanks to the OP who pointed it out to me be honest, that defeats the purpose of running linux if you have to run windows programs. the features on newsbin pro blow away anything on linux. not to mention it works almost perfect through wine. It's great, but the best is probably Newsleecher (Super Search RULES! Cheers, SDM in So Cal (Systems Theory) pro runs great with wine to be honest, that defeats the purpose of running linux if you have to run windows programs. Hello, Klibido works pretty well to browse usenet group headers and download binary. I actually have a key for newsbin, but newsbin has its own problems. if they would come out with something better in linux i would use it, but until they do newsbin pro is the best : DJust downloaded and running Lotta NZB. It downloads files only if needed (saves on major bandwidth), repairs broken files automatically, supports SSL encryption (this was the selling point for me) and extracts file automatically too . ), tho that won't run in Wine (at least not for me, and not without a fight). *You have to buy a yearly subscription for Newsleecher, but it's definitely worth it!Super Search alone is worth the money (you pay extra for Super Search access. I tried Ubuntu about ten days ago and fell in love with it.tlcstat If you're using/ creating nzb files for your downloads then sabnzdbplus and lottanzb do scheduling. PS: you need to set up a CRON job for lottanzb, so maybe sabnzbd is the better option No one mentioned sabnzbd yet? Edit: woops didnt look on page 2 ;) However, not everything is suited for nzb so I agree that a decent newsreader that does SSL out of the box is something sadly missing from Linux. Unfortunately Pan still doesn't do SSL and, I am sorry to say, I cannot get my head around Tor. Of course if you have more than 4GB then you need to be running 64-bit Ubuntu. Running a quadcore Phenom, 8G RAM, really smart underpinnings. Yea, I know there ways by yet again stuffing around with something else, but I'm just getting too old and tired for that. It is another one of those obfuscated pieces of nonsense that the True Linux Believers seem to relish. All in all, Pan does seem to be the best of a poor lot. The one time I saw Pan act like you describe was after I accidentally enabled Assistive Technologies. )) and making the PC so un-responsive that it is unusable. After a while I realised that the transfer was dreadfully slow. I'll try newsleecher when I fire up my windows box next. I am not new to newsgroup readers but using one in Linux is a nice challenge for me. The one and only windows hold-over program that I still run (using wine) is my beloved Usenet Explorer. Cheers When I do use Pan(Easynews web *only* has 240 days retention, nttp OTH has 400 days)I think it's on of the better Usenet readers.A few experiments and a bit of googling confirmed that there seems to be a major drama with SATA and UBUNTU. Love everything else about Ubuntu, except be able to use a good binary newsgroup reader (another issue being able to use a good exchange client besides evolution, but that's some rant I'll save for another post). I am not quite ready to let go of XP but using KLibido to do my binary downloads, well Linux is sweet and I am running out of reasons to hold on to XP. Ninan is my favorite for NZB's which is sort-of linux-native (java) but there is SOO much more available on Usenet that is not covered by NZB sites. Using a client in Windows instead for newsgroup browsing. I have a little netbook that I try to keep all linux. SSL isn't difficult to setup and when I install new versions of Ubuntu with fresh installs I just copy the conf files to the new installation.

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The following are examples of information we may collect from other sources: This Privacy Policy does not cover the practices of third parties, including those that may disclose information to CBS Local.

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And there are plenty of people in Panama, and everywhere else, more than willing to date someone just because they think he or she has money. If you’re out with someone you’re freshly dating and they hint that they like a pair of shoes, okay, maybe you buy them a gift.

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All six of the Pokemon have different quirks that complicate their appearance in .

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This also weeds out fake profiles and men pretending to be women.

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It originally launched in 2014, but has relaunched with upgrades several times since.\u003C\u002Fp\u003E \u003Cp\u003EDarling, one of the founders of Sniffr, says he's invested 0,000 in the app but it has only had a few thousand downloads in Toronto, Los Angeles and San Francisco so far.

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What follows are some ideas, but certainly not as creative as this could go!

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*A special thanks to my cousin Kari with Meka Studios for being such an amazing photographer and sharing some of her pictures with us!!

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including Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Finland, Hungary, and Romania.

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THE MAN will never allow a girl to carry anything heavier than a tiny purse and will always pick a bill at a restaurant.

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Eine Herrin sucht Livesex Sklaven und falls du glaubst, dass du ihren hochgesteckten Ansprüchen genügen kannst, dann komm in ihren Domina Chat und unterwirf dich ihrer Macht!

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Ray La Montagne will be dropping off the Guster tour in September, due to “unforeseen conflicts in his schedule.” Here’s the official word from his camp: Ray La Montagne regretfully has to cancel his participation in the second leg of his co-headlining tour with Guster due to unforeseen conflicts in his schedule.

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Follow the steps below and get that smile you have always dreamed of.

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A lady, you can wake up with, eat breakfast with, be loving with. more about Ekaterina from Mariupol Sometimes i pass by stores and see beautiful photoframes with a commercial photo of a happy family hugging and holding each other - i think that i can state - this is my dream! more about Marina from Nikolaev I dream to create my own family, my own romantic space with my man, full of hopes, tenderness, and love.

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This gendered educational phenomenon is therefore also racialized.