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Although it is generally considered pejorative, some within the intersex community have reclaimed the word “hermaphrodite”, although it is technically incorrect for humans because we can’t reproduce as either a male or female.

Being born intersex wasn’t so bad in of itself, but I could not help but get the pervasive sense that I was very different, and not in a good way.

I discovered, if even mentioned at all, we have long been positioned in literature, popular culture and the media as objects of fascination, repulsion and titillation.

Recent stories in the news media on the Guevedoces (which translates as "penis at twelve", according to the BBC), highlight some of my concerns about the impression given to younger generations of people with intersex variations.

In modern times, medicine employs surgery and hormonal cures to drastically alter anything other than complete maleness or femininity.

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Generations of children have been operated upon to “normalise” their genitals or sexual anatomy, while official documentation, from birth certificates to passports, requires a male or female box to be ticked.I was diagnosed at age 5 but did not find out the truth about my body until much later.At age 17, finally all was made plain about my AIS and had surgery to remove my testicles.They argue it’s one of the last “human rights taboos” in the western world.The group has come together to launch a campaign, calling for the Government to urgently review the way intersex people are treated.Following on from Germany’s decision to allow newborn babies to be registered as neither male nor female, their recommendations include the option to leave the sex on British birth certificates blank, measures to protect babies or young people from irreversible and non-consensual treatment and surgery, better emotional support and increased education.“We are at a tipping point,” said Greenberry, co-founder of Intersex UK.It has taken Holly Greenberry, Sarah Graham, Dawn Vago and Elizabeth Jo Roberts years to go public with their stories.Born into a world that insists on dividing people into two sexes, they did not always know how they fitted in.For many of us, the pressing issues might not be so much about what doctors and scientists have to discover or say about our bodies, but the shame, stigma and secrecy we endure every day.I strongly believe it is beholden on the media to attempt to describe people with intersex variations and their bodies as something more than a medical mystery or fabulous anomaly, and promote ethical debates and a re-visioning around what is considered to be aberrant and abject.While I am sure Dr Michael Mosely’s account of the children who live in Salinas, Dominican Republic in the BBC2 series “Countdown to Life – the extraordinary making of you" tries to be sensitive, the labelling of the variation 5-alpha-reductase deficiency by some media outlets reporting on the documentary as a “disorder” and the children as “astonishing” and “abnormal” is exoticising and pathologising.I acknowledge that it is hard even for people with an intersex variation to find the words to describe ourselves more generally, but the framing must change so that our diversity might be more readily accepted as natural.Intersex advocacy and activism has meant that many medical practitioners and hospitals have reviewed their protocols with regards to interventions and have even led to some countries adopting a moratorium on infant genital surgeries.the United Nations condemned normalising surgeries on children with intersex variations in a Special Report on torture as cruel, inhuman and degrading. As the availability of genetic screening of embryos increases, we can expect variations like 5-alpha-reductase deficiency to gradually disappear from the gene pool.

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The Navy considered closing the Yard in 1922, 19 due to lack of workload. The Depression was hitting Charleston full-force when good news arrived in 1933.

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