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She is either blind or partially sighted in her right eye.There are some other videos where she talks about her "disability" and "impairment".In one video she shows a view from a railway platform.A black shadow then moves in from the right and the whole view goes extremely blurred.

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Peripheral vision is a problem, as is the ring scotoma (a fancy word that just refers to the optical blind area that such strong magnifying lenses produce).

Her distance acuity might actually be better than 20/20, as the added magnification helps.

https://pp.userapi.com/c604822/v604822544/3005c/ixav YRFRK5Slit , Another TV Programme from Taiwan discussing eyesight of their own celebrities... v=Lu CBS-H-p LA Use this search term: 重度近視大學生, meaning, severe myopia Likelenses , I don't believe you actually know her personally. NJ , John, pulling -28 lenses down your nose will not cause magnification.

I think you are just like many guys who develop a relationship online and have never actually met the person. I believe you think you have a relationship that you don't really have. Just the opposite, in fact: everything will look smaller. However, as I have -28 lenses for distance he cost and impracticality of attempting varifocal lenses scares me.

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For some women, it has only been in later years that they achieved orgasm for the first time. '” Having had conventional relationships in the past, lots of people we spoke to are choosing to have relationships on different terms today.