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Robin said she had this little guy in Baltimore who was big. She said she did blow that guy and you can only take in so much. Robin said you have to slow down and let her get used to it. Robin said she could have had that if she had talked about how she has spent years studying this stuff.

Howard said a guy with 5 inches can go in balls deep. Howard took a call from a woman who said that she was hanging out one night and she felt this guy's area and he was enormous. Howard said she passed laws, she has been the secretary of state and she had a game plan.

Howard asked if they're saying that the religious nuts are brain damaged. Robin read a story about the Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa show having a good first week. Robin read a story about how Obama was paid 0,000 for a speech recently. Robin said one day the daughter got involved with someone on the internet and the daughter and this guy plotted to kill the mother.

He said everything he sings is just as good live as it is on radio.Howard let the caller go and said Chris is a big talent. Robin started her news with a story about a guy who is accused of killing his 60 year old girlfriend.He said Gary was telling him that Chris was nervous to come in there. Howard said it is true that many artists don't write their own songs. Robin said he wants to be able to show the jury his penis. He said he knows Robin had a boyfriend who had a big cock.Howard played the clip and Lenny asked Robin to have some margaritas for dinner and he'll suck on her pussy. Howard said that the other weird thing is the coffee shits. He said that he's trying to make what he's making but it's taking 15 jobs to do it. He said he's trying to get Ryan in there to talk about it. Howard said he heard Ryan has to fly in on Sunday night and then he tapes the first hour of his radio show the night before the show. He said he does that and then does a radio show for 3 hours. You keep your eye on them in case they make a move. Howard said he's so sick of wrestlers becoming actors. Howard took a call from a guy who said he sounds extra whiny this morning. Howard said you put him in for a second it's a goof. He said he has someone hading him a sheet of paper. Howard said from now on he's just going to read lists on the show. Howard asked how long until Kelly wants him out of there. He said they may have found the gayest man in America.He said he has to do that for her and get to that beautiful bush. Howard said he has all of these shows and he's not happy that he can't make as much as he does with just one job. Howard said this woman is yelling at her husband for cheating on her and no one is saying anything. Howard said it's a big deal to be in a movie like that. Robin asked what else he's going to do, look for more shit to sit in? Richard said it's kind of acting when they wrestle. Howard said that John Cena wasn't good in the Amy Schumer movie. Howard said this happens with the directors who listen to the show. Howard said he can be happy for him having a baby and stooping drinking. Howard said it's like having a guy come in and hold a scalpel for a doctor for a second. Robin said that Kelly always starts the conversation. He said it should be a list of places to sit in someone's pile of shit. Howard played the clip of Ryan doing his list with Kelly. Howard said this is the guy who is going to come out and read lists every day. Ryan gave the top places on the list of places to go and Hawaii was at the top. Howard said this guy was proud to show off the longest note he could hold. Howard took a call from Mariann from Brooklyn who asked if Gary is too busy texting during Saturday Night Live because Richard Simmons is suing one of the tabloids and an associate who threw him under the bus and allegedly blackmailed him. Howard said it said in the paper that Richard is saying that they wrote disparaging things about him but the National Enquirer is sticking by their story. Howard started the show talking about how he's not in the mood for this today. Robin said this is what happens when things come to easily to people. He said that he has to tell her that it disturbs him that when he goes he has a lot in there. He said it always feels like there's a piece in there. Howard said he hasn't been using his Squatty Potty. Robin said they say that the squatting thing is necessary because when we stood up we ruined the angle. He said he stopped using the Squatty Potty because it became a production to use it. He said someone wrote him an email saying he hates the song for the Priest and Boy bit. Howard said they had a big condom full of yogurt and they started eating it. Robin said it kept her interest and she didn't tune out. He said this is what it sounded like in every corner of the place. He said the guys said he didn't blink once during the interview. Howard played the real song the guy was trying to sing. Howard said this guy had a tough time saying some names like Jake Gyllenhaal. Howard said this guy should be in the Wack Pack too. am Show opening bits and songs included: A ''My Name is Jack Meyhoffer'' song parody, a phony phone call Evil Dave made to Tan Mom asking her to be a guest on the Letterman show, a Baba Booey song parody, Sheryl Crow performing ''All I Wanna Do'' in the Howard Stern Show studio. Howard said imagine making it to the Mets and then he has a freak out. Howard said he's a celebrity and he shouldn't have to worry about this stuff. They had people commenting on that after showing them the condom full of whipped cream and saying it was the Priest's ''yogurt.'' Howard said there it is. He said black people are willing to talk to them more than white people. Howard told Robin about the Grand Canyon and how stupid it is to ride down on donkey's. He said he has a clip of a singer performing there. Howard said it's a list only a guy with a huge ass would make. Howard said George Takei was making fun of that guy and called him a homo. In that clip the guy said that his parents were middle class and they didn't take him to those shows like Hello Dolly. Howard said they say that this guy had really bad breath too.He said there's something special when someone writes and performs their own song. Robin said it was perfect to play that Tim Mc Graw cover and then the original. Robin said he's claiming that she died in the performance of oral sex. Howard asked if she ever felt like she was going to choke.It was much more heartfelt when the original was on. Howard said she was performing oral and she choked on his cock? Robin said the woman is in greater control at that moment. Howard said if you watched that show you'd never vote for him. He said he believes in the candidate who has some background in political thought. He said they understand law making and reading laws.Howard said she's not attacking anyone so she's one of the nicer people. She said all he does is talk about making public transportation better. Richard said it was partially dry but it stuck to his pants. He said he didn't get new clothes because it was like midnight and no one was open. Howard said people were waving at him not to sit down. Howard said people run outside with their headphones and you have to keep your ears open. He said that they probably pull them out of Red Book or something. Fred played the song and Howard and Robin sang along. Howard played a prank call the guys made to a woman where they had him singing the Name Game and tried to get her to sing it. Fred played music but Howard said he's not singing now. Howard said he didn't know Chris until he was on Saturday Night Live.Richard came in and said he learned a lesson from sitting in the shit. Howard said when you walk around with your headphones in you don't have all of your senses. Howard had one thing on his list about not making your wife sing the Name Game. Howard said maybe Chris would say that he needed time to percolate though. The caller said they have all of this American Idol stuff and then they have this guy. He said he's going to punish the audience with his bit. He said he has never had Cheetos but he remembered he has. Howard named Venison and Robin figured it was that one that he had never had. Howard said he sees JD back there watching that stuff and complaining that he doesn't want to watch it. Howard said there's a thing called Broadway-Con that they covered. He said they can do a commercial break and continue to do the list. JD said they talk about personal life stuff but it's the same bullshit every day. Howard read more about the bit he and Amy did and he had no idea that the music was from Hamilton.He said he's going to go play golf like that guy on the Mets Matt Harvey. Robin said they're the golden years and you can't pitch like that forever. Robin said when man started to walk on two legs that screwed things up. He said he kept it in the closet and he had to get it out of there and then set it up and use it. Howard said he tried to get a full elimination by hanging upside down like a bat. Howard said JD found some audio of Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa talking. Howard said he heard that he has 3 studios in New York. Howard played a clip and the woman was signing a song from a musical. Howard said it seems like they don't even listen to the music that's playing behind them. Howard said at Broadway-Con everyone was performing. Howard played a clip of that guy talking about his web site and how he sponges off his parents. Howard said they might have a whole bunch of new Wack Packers from that place. Howard said this next guy had a dress on and he had a strange voice too.He said he thought he was called the Dark Knight because his name was Knight. Howard said Lenny Dykstra had a work ethic like no one else. Robin said cats and dogs have a nice doody because they are walking on 4 legs. He said that he can't believe they're paying the guy the same as Kelly Ripa. He said on the way there he drums on a bucket to make more money than him. He said they must have wanted to be in a real band and they just weren't able to make it. Howard said this is what it's like down in the subway. He said he has a clip of a woman yelling on the subway. He said if the boss wanted to replace him with another guy who had no experience he'd be upset. Howard said you don't deserve to live if you're watching that. Howard said today he's going to list 49 states and one of them is one he's never been to. Howard had anther clip of a Japanese guy singing as his favorite character from the musical Dear Evan Hanson. Howard played the clip and the guy sang a song as this character. Howard started to sing his own song to some music Fred was playing. Then he came up with another song to some different music Fred played. Howard said that this guy was dressed as Zacherley. Howard said Jon Hein has a list for them to get their ratings up. Howard played the clip and the guy had an interesting laugh.

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