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Well, after Phillips ejaculated in Irons’ mouth one night, she decided to store the semen in her cheeks and then spit it into a test tube. Two years later, Irons filed a paternity lawsuit against Phillips, and the DNA test confirmed he is the father of her child.

Subsequently, Phillips was ordered to pay 0 a month in child support.

Health Nurse For other readers, please feel free to leave a comment, or let us know if this was helpful. Phillips has alleged that about six years ago, he engaged in oral sex with her.Unbeknownst to Phillips, he says, his girlfriend, Sharon Irons, allegedly saved the resulting semen and used it to inseminate herself.Irons disputes Phillips's claims and asserts that she conceived her child in the ordinary way.For purposes of this column only, however, I will assume the truth of Philips's allegations.I’ve read comments on this story written by men and women on other sites, and some of them are so idiotic I don’t even know where to begin.The problem here is not about male sexual irresponsibility — or female thirst.A pregnancy resulted, Irons gave birth to a baby, and DNA tests proved Phillips to be the genetic father.Though Phillips allegedly did not learn of either the pregnancy or the birth until some time later, a court nonetheless ordered him to pay approximately 0 a month in child support.It’s about how a self-centered woman robbed her child of a healthy relationship with her father, and made this young child’s most personal and important relationships a laughing stock.Grown men and women are free to be as belligerent to each other as they want, but involving an innocent child makes Irons the epitome of an ignorant jackass.Even if the person did have an STI it is never 100% that it would pass the first time someone had sex.Have a look at our “Know your chances” oral sex web page, it provides information on what STI can pass with oral sex.And even though I feel bad for the dude in this scenario, I’ve always said that the best way to avoid “baby-mama drama” is not giving a woman you don’t see a future with access to your sperm.Now obviously I never would’ve thought that a woman would use oral sex to garner herself sperm, but it’s still his sperm to protect.

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They have yet to name her as the actress stated with a hashtag, “Our daughter is here and we are so utterly in love with her!!!

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Deangelo is credited with founding "Double Your Dating", a company providing dating advice to men and marketed primarily over the Internet .

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But if this and all our other information is not enough for you to feel yourself 'well prepared' and certain then you always can decide to provide yourself with more information, tools or services.

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The bustle has gone (except occasionally for evening ware) but overskirts remain, swaged and pleated to give an elaborate look to the dress where the upper garment is often free of ornament.