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As much as we would like to see them all back together, it was probably a good idea Hilary didn’t invite Clayton along to further intimidate her actual date. She Although Hilary’s been off the dating circuit of several years before filing for divorce in February, she said she wasn’t totally unfair to the mystery man, who also brought friends along. I’d love to stimulate your thoughts on this crux, but as you channel those ideas into a comment, here’s my attempt at a little bit of closure: case study 4 | Timothy & Maribea Berry. Timothy Berry and Maribea Dahms began dating in college (Spart up! Tim was five years older than Maribea because of community college and a stint at a rival university and an eventual transfer. But anytime you’re in a relationship, you sacrifice. The 27-year-old recently filed for divorce from Mike Comrie but with her gal-pals by her side she seems to be doing OK, especially since she's already back on the dating scene!

Hils then began to focus on her music career and released four albums before taking a break from the spotlight.

That being said, college relationships are distinctly funky. Every wedding I perform at with the USC band seems to be a Trojan couple. Pre-college, as a single and cynical teen, I imagined marrying a college boyfriend or girlfriend as a purely naive act. Just wait a couple years after college to see if you have more in common than your school colors! The last case study would be a couple that is together, well, separately. But ultimately, there’s pain in each one of those case studies. You’re incapable of limiting yourself geographically. You’ve invested thousands of dollars into this collegiate label and you’re seeking employment at your dream companies all over the place, but at the cost of doing so without your loved one — without the person you see yourself with for all the years coming.

I recently performed at a wedding on campus of a couple that had been dating for three years, but met in their freshman dorm at ‘SC. And then, seven years later, forces pushed them together to fully recognize their compatibility. ’ And for all intents and purposes (yes, that is how you spell that phrase unbeknownst to Katherine circa 2015) I still believe that college relationships are presupposed based on things that may change. If you asked Katherine this time two years ago, though, she would not expect, anticipate, or plan for any sort of relationship in college. Austin’s my best friend and so wonderfully astute and supportive. One slides into a SWEET position in the entertainment capital of the world, and the other nestles herself into the tangy tech industry. They’re committed, but pursuing their careers apart. If you’re pursuing higher education, especially at USC, you’re an ambitious individual. You’re in Mountain View chugging away at your engaging, challenging, rewarding role at a tech powerhouse (with plenty of free Kombucha), and the love of your life is 3,000 miles away in South Carolina at law school. How do you eventually compromise on a career choice for the sake of your love life?

College is a huge developmental period for myself and many others and the elitist in me believes any aware couple should simply wait until they’re out in the real world to cement their future. This three-year period would be her time to develop herself independently, diligently carving out her career path with intention alone. She met the most mature, sincere, thoughtful, caring, goofy, commitment-phile (if that’s not a term… I’m attached and I’m not the least bit ashamed of it. You came into your degree with an eager resume ready to feast itself on experience. These aren’t rhetorical questions — they’re real ones. I do know my grammar but in the interest of an authentic writing voice, you won’t always find me exercising my AP English knowledge.

But let’s examine the college couple case studies I presented earlier: couples that are married college or just thereafter. And when you settle for following your significant other to his/her location of choice, you’re limiting your options. If you want to be a computer programmer, you’re not going to have lots of luck in South Carolina. You move to South Carolina because you’ve found the love of your life and you’re not going to give that up. College is an amazing place to find “the one” if such a person exists. How do college relationships wrangle their diverging paths into one convergent one?

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But it’s definitely easier than before because internet is there and people are more open-minded now.

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Freedom and responsibility create a safe and secure environment for a couple to love, trust, explore, and deepen their experience of each other.

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They called us over a year ago to say they are still very happy together and that they often enjoy short breaks to Sadie’s holiday home in France.